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Pistol Hostage Target

SKU: RST-1224-PHT $305.00

The standard AC Zone package with our 3/8" Angle Iron Steel post and 6" AR500 steel target plate.

this takes trining to the next level. Use the standard format to warm up and and then add the hostage senario to the game. A 6" AR500 steel target plate the swings to the opposite shoulder when hit. As a close up hostage senario, you can use this system to see how good you really are when hitting what you aim at really counts. Everyone thinks they can pull and drop a bad guy in this situation, but can you?

Set it back at 100 yards and bring the rifle into the game. If youre really confident set it up 500-600 yards away!

Specification :

     - 3/8" AR500 steel AC Zone silhouette target.

    - 3/8" AR500 steel 6" round target plate.

    - tube steel base with 3/8" angle Iron Steel Post

    - base has stake down holes in all four corners for uneven gound and to ensure stability.