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Modular Sniper Gong System; 12" x 16"

SKU: RST-1216-MSG38 $350.00


The Modular Sniper Gong Target system is comprised of two AR550 steel plates mounted from 5/16" thick steel chain.  The base is made up of 3/4" solid steel bar that slots telescopicaly into a center mounting point which allows you to set the target on uneven ground. Each target plate is height adjustable using the mounting chains.

The entire paltform sets up and breaks down easily needing no tools which allows users to quickly put the target into action in the field.

3/8" thick plates are effective up to .308 calibers and anything above that are reccomended to use the 1/2" thick AR550 steel plates.  Total weight of the system is approx 85lbs with 3/8" plates.