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Eight Target Dueling Tree. "Big Jake"

SKU: RST-0086-DT $465.00

Our 8 target dueling tree is the next step in a top challenging competition. Utilizing 8 3/8" thick AR550 steel plates mounted on solid 3/4" steel bar, these stands can take all the abuse you can throw at it. The standard dueling trees use a 5/16" angle iron shield to deflect errant shots to the sides. The tree includes a sturdy base that can be staked into the ground on uneven surfaces or just to add some stability; however it is also designed to mount to a 1-1/2" square tube that can be permanently mounted into the ground on your range. Tree is built with a 15 degree forward tilt to direct spatter into the ground and not back at the shooterp>



    - (8) 6" AR550 steel target plates

    - 5/16" angle iron shield

    - Base included but also set up to be mounted directly into a 1-1/2" square tube in the ground.


Licensed under U.S. Patent Nos 6,994,348 and 6,994,349
Category:Dueling Trees

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