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Standard Plate Rack; 14" on Center

SKU: RST-6814-SPR $1,199.00
Introducing the redesigned Red Stitch Tactical Standard Plate Rack. As with the original Rack we have been doing for the past 3+ years, the new standard palte rack is available in 12" on center target plates but also now available in 14" on center as well. We designed the new Competition plate Rack and the Standard at the same time so they have a lot in common in appearence and function. The Standard rack is engaged only from the front, each target plate is individually tilt adjustable and are reset with a lever and cable. The reset bar is 1" solid cold rolled steel and the lever is AR500 so it will not get damaged when hit. The rack slots into the heavy channel legs which bolt together making the entire rack easy to break down to transport or leave in place forever. As always our plate rack has a built in AR500 shield so it is ready for rifle fire as well. We dont make you pay a few hundred extra dollars to hang a heavy steel sheild on top of the rack.

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