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Gravitas Steel Drop Tree

SKU: RST-GT87-SDT $550.00

Gravitas Steel Drop Tree

The Gravitas Steel Drop Tree is without doubt the coolest project we have ever been tasked with creating. Take the concept of a dueling tree mixed with a plate rack and inject some steroids and imagination and you get one of the coolest targets you will ever shoot at a steel match.

Starting with the standard 6" round AR500 target plate bolted up to a rotating hinge peice that spins and drops each time it is hit. You cant just  practice on a plate rack or a Dueling tree which only has one axis of movement for the shooter. With the Gravitas Drop tree you have to adjust your point of aim horizontially and vertically with each shot.

The target plate has 8 total drop points before it falls out the bottom of the tree so there is no guessing when you are done. When the target plate is laying on the ground you are finished.


- 3/8" Angle Iron deflector that hangs independently on the tree frame to allow movement and greater life of the shield.

- 6" Round Target plate on heavy duty hinge assembly (any target size or shape available from 3" rounds to whatever your imagination comes up with.

Heavy 3" channel base for stability.


Project brought to us by the shooters at Gravitas Tactical

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